Monday, November 19, 2007

Cherry Blossom Pouch - Deep Xmas Green (1) - (S$35)

We ladies can never seem to have enough bags/pouches for all our stuff.
For Christmas, I have made this one-off 'Cherry Blossom' range of 'carry-all' pouches in light cotton. It is an original TT design, and will not be repeated.
This one comes in a deep xmas green, and combined with the lovely spray of olive green cherry blossom applique, would put us in the mood for Christmas; especially with the old gold fresh water pearls sewn on.
Attention has been paid to the ends of the cords as well, by stringing seed beads and pearls for a finished look. (see pix below).
You can use this for just about anything you can think of -- as a pouch in itself, as a shoe bag, your travel things, a keepsake bag for your precious stuff, or (wink!) a protective cover for that gorgeous new branded hand-bag you're getting for Christmas! :))
They'd make great Xmas gifts for any age group of ladies as well.
Size: Length - 15 inches; Height - 11-1/2 inches

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