Saturday, November 24, 2007

ORIENTAL PEACH - (S$62 ) - Sold

This soft peach Thai silk box has been embellished with 20-year old French antique lace in an 'old gold' colour, to give it an aura of old-world charm. Just one lovely deep green jade flower with a white fresh water pearl in the centre, sets off this whole design to perfection.
Size of box - LARGE: 9 in. X 6 in.
Height with cover on - 3 in.
No compartments inside the box.
- as a gift in itself;
- or, a pretty storage box for your own precious stuff.


Franzzies said...

yes! a perfect design....a real beauty...looking forward to seeing more of your handiwork.

Trishastrove said...

Again - thanks very much - :)))