Thursday, November 29, 2007


Hi! I'm SASHA, and I wanted to wish all who check in to our blog today, a really good morning. This is a picture of me - taken on my 12th birthday this July - wearing a present from one of my favourite Aunties - Aunty Belinda of Bellee Beadz. It was a 'surprise' gift that she made just for me, and I absolutely love it! It was so nice of her to think of me on my birthday, coz just like most 'ladies', I too, love to receive jewellery on special occasions! Not only that, Aunty Belinda noticed my 'ample body' (as she kindly describes it), that she made my necklace 'fully adjustable' - just like all you ladies out there :). Well Aunty Belinda - guess what - I went on diet - and have lost 3kgs. or more already --- wuff .... (phew, thank goodness you made my necklace adjustable ...... !)
Now that my Mummy has gotten back to one of her fave passions, ie. crafting, I'm really honoured that she wants to share this blog with me, and we've decided to name it 'TRISHA's TROVE'. The 'Tri' comes from her name Patricia, and the 'sha', from my name Sasha, and when combined, its 'TRISHA'. Magically, it has the same pronunciation as her short-formed name of 'Tricia. Was this a coincidence ??? .... hmmm .... well, maybe not ...... afterall, we are best buddies, and I guess this little blog was just meant to be.
Oh yes, Mummy used to go by the name of MUFFETT07, but now that 'I'm' in the picture, do look for us under our new name.
Paw! Paw! Wufff - Sasha


Belinda Lee said...

Too cute!

Trishastrove said...

Thanks Bel ... she's a real sweetie ... and that necklace ... well, what can I say :)