Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heart FILIGREE Pendant - $36

This filigree-patterned Balinese 925 silver, artisan-made Pendant, with semi-precious stone, is really feminine & charming; a gold-vermeil plated harmony bell sits within. The pendant has a little clasp on the side, which allows you to remove the little bell chime. You could put in a little keepsake, like something from your loved one to wear close to you, or even a little aromatherapy oil on a teeny piece of cotton.
Measures: 1" height (with the bale); 3/4" wide, and its nice and 'puffy' in height - almost 3/4".
Your FILIGREE pendant will come with a complementary black suede cord, to tie behind your neck.

Only 4 Pendants in stock: Onyx, Pearl and two Aquamarine;
Sold - Pearl & Aquamarine
Still Available - Onyx & 1 more Aquamarine

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