Thursday, June 25, 2009

Linda & Tania

Took this shot of 'the girls' just before hydro-therapy started this morning.

Both Zoe & Linda have been doing a fine job, and now that Zoe is in the U.S. till her return, Linda has taken both hydro & physio-therapy in hand, and Tania is responding very well!

In both her hip dysplasia operations, there was complete removal of the femoral head ('ball'), as they were badly damaged. With a talented vet, great therapists, willing pup, a miracle and many prayers, we aim to give Tania as normal a life as we can!

"Pleeeeeeeeeeezzzzzze Linda ....."
Linda was so sweet as to bring a 'new toy' to get our girl to swim :)

Tania gets bored soooooooooo easily, and we have exhausted every single pool toy .......

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