Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dearest SASHA - One Year Ago Today ...

I lost my best friend.
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you.
You were gentleness, beauty, elegance personified;
and will forever be in our hearts.
We miss you terribly, and would give
anything to have you back.
We have a new cheeky little girl
Wish you were here to play with her.
Though no other could ever take your place,
we will look after her lovingly.
With love,
Your family.

~ ~ 7 July 1995 to 2 July 2008 ~ ~

You were a good morning.
A heartening welcome.
A gentle spirit.
A gracious lady.
A heart of gold.
You were dignity.
The personification of love.
A confidante.
A shoulder to lean on.
A cuddly hug.
A sympathetic ear.
A selfless soul.
You loved deeply and unconditionally.
You were my best friend.
In spite of the pain,
You never complained.
You fought a good fight,
but time wasn’t on your side.
I have cried my eyes swollen,
Pining for you.
But the tears I’ve shed,
will never bring you back.
You may be gone,
but memories of you will forever live on.
Love, Mummy.

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