Tuesday, November 3, 2009

25th Wedding Anniversary & our Cuddly daughters

1st stop - Rome
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Fantasies of how we'd celebrate our Silver wedding anniversary were on my mind for many years ... yeah ... we gals are all alike :)

We reached this significant milestone of our marriage last June 2008, and all my fantasies became reality when Mass, celebrations and 2nd honeymoon were in place.

However, 3 weeks before this joyous occasion, we were bomb-shelled with the devastating news that SASHA, our Golden Retriever of 13 years was in great pain with colon cancer, and very little time left with us.

Without a second thought nor hesitation, we cancelled everything so that we could care for the special gal who brought so much love and joy into our lives.

She crossed over Rainbow Bridge in our arms a week after our anniversary, and I went into deep depression.

Then along came a cheerful, mischievous little rascal we named TANIA. Again, all plans for "the" postponed Silver Anniversary which was to be celebrated this June, were shelved once again, due to little madame's two severe H.D. operations earlier this year.

Being the tenacious, bright & happy little trooper that she is, her recovery process was quite rapid as she worked hard during hydro-therapy sessions 3x a week, and her "human slaves" .. haha .. made sure that she never missed her regular hydro & physio therapy sessions.

By September TANIA had reached a point where our Vet was amazingly impressed and happy with her progress, and both he and our family "shoooooed" us out of Singapore.

We left with peace of mind knowing that our little Princess was in the good hands of my sister Karen, who is her No. 1 Most Favourite Person in the world and in whom I had full trust to follow-through with the hugs, kisses, swimming, disciplining, etc., etc. :)))))

And so .... our romantic 2nd honeymoon finally started.

11 October 2009:
1st stop - Vatican City - Rome, to give thanks to the Lord for all His Love, Blessings, Protection and Guidance.

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