Friday, August 20, 2010

Berry Reverie

Day-dreaming of a tall crystal glass of your fave cool drink, brimming over with delightful berries, cream and crushed ice for refreshment on hot, sunny days ???

A Berry Reverie alright ... Elegant Garnet Cabochons encased in 925 silver, from which hang a generous topping of Freswater Pearls, blue-flash Moonstones, Rhodolite Garnets, and deep burgundy Garnet rondelles. Beautiful faceted twisted Crystal Quartz brios. complete this set of danglies.

All accents are Handmade Balinese 925 silver.


Michelle said...

Hi Trisha!
I am Juliet's Classmate...I like the way u take photos!Nicee one!

Best Regards.
Michelle :)

Trishastrove said...

Hello Michelle,
Thanks very much for your nice comment ! I'm still practicing my photographic skills, and hope to keep improving.
Hope you're having fun in school.