Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friends ...

I was so touched when a parcel arrived for my birthday from my Flickr friend in Germany, Karin Möndjen of Kamoe Clay, and of course her sweet fur-baby, little Kruemel :)

THANK YOU Karin ! ... it was so sweet of you to remember, and I absolutely love this amazing gift. Your beadwork is so intricate and exquisite, and I love, LOVE the colours as this will match most of my clothes. Its not petite, but a really nice size, without looking glaring.

Haha you knew that this is my favourite photo of Kruemel on the beach; I'm going to put in a little frame next to Tania's photos ... heh heh ... her first long-distance BF.

See below, I am going to wear it this weekend for a wedding .. it matches perfectly with the Peranakan Kebaya I have chosen (an inherited piece of course).


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