Friday, December 2, 2011


TAPESTRY by trishastrove
TAPESTRY, a photo by trishastrove on Flickr.

A very special piece for a very special friend.

Four sumptuous beautifully faceted soft yellow Lemon Topaz stones and a crystal-studded 14K Gold Vermeil Flower were the main feature of this piece when I first started on it; then all kinds of other things came to mind and I added more and more. Each and every golden element & cluster of precious stones, symbolizes something meaningful of the golden life, spirit and soul of a phenomenal girl to be encapsulated forever.


A Myriad Vice said...

Lovely, Pat, you've a good eye for composition.

How's everything been?

Trishastrove said...

Hi Faith .. thanks :) Looking forward to Christmas .... hope you're doing well :)

Unknown said...

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