Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why does Tania look so happy today ?

B'Cos ... she climbed those stairs all by herself for the FIRST TIME today !
(yup, we just got back from hydro-therapy).
With all her hard work, her legs are now much stronger, and her hips are almost of equal size! Yeay !!!

She's also getting confident now and climbing the short staircase in the house:))))

(I know it looks dangerous that she's sitting way up there by herself. Don't worry, I AM NOT an errant dog owner. She's on her leash and someone is "hiding" in the background just behind her for safety and she was sitting there for just a few seconds for this shot). She still can't run down the ramp on the right-hand side, as it is too steep for her.


Zoe said...


Trishastrove said...

We're getting there Zoe, we're getting there.

Its ME said...

happy to see another happy canine and owner too.

Trishastrove said...

You bet! Zoe and Linda are d'BEST !! Tania wouldn't have reached this stage of mobility without them :)))))