Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A very pretty and precocious 12-year old was promised a birthday present by her Mum. She knew exactly what she wanted - a bracelet - of course - all in her favourite colours of purples, pinks, blacks and silver (but she couldn't resist the pretty brass Butterfly toggle clasp eventho it wasn't silver ;-D

I had this very big round glass bead, which she absolutely loved (but of course - it was Purple :)))), and advised her to build it up by using all her fave colours around it with pretty beads.

All I did was to put out all my trays of czech glass brios., and swarovski crystals, and you should have seen how her eyes sparkled and twinkled as though she had found this hidden treasure chest. That look of excitement in her eyes was priceless. Her Mom and I had such a wonderful time watching her doing her colour combos and lining up the beads up till they matched, and this is what she came up with, ALL BY HERSELF. The insertion of the silver, light & dark bronze czech brios. really enhanced her fave colours.

Her gift from her Mom was not only this pretty bracelet, but also the love and patience to sit with her till she got it "just right", and Mom was of course the happiest to see that joy in her daughter's eyes.

!!! We love you :)))))


natalya said...

Hello! This is Natalya, thank you for your wishes and I love you too! Hee hee. This bracelet is truly amazing! EVERYONE! Please do buy more jewelries as they are priceless!
Thank you again auntie Trisha!


Trishastrove said...

Hi birthday girl! Yes, its amazing because you designed it yourself. Today's my son's birthday too, and we just got back from his birthday dinner. Hope you had a great day and hope to see you soon.
Lotsa love

natalya said...

Oh, well, Happy Belated birthday to him. hee hee(: