Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Prosperi-tree" 2011 (Custom Request)

Another "Prosperi-tree" Thai Silk Box, in a lovely Jade green, again, adorned with 8 kumquats, glass and frosted leaves and peridot chips.

(Czech glass components)

Same dimensions as the fire-cracker red box posted earlier.

"Gong Xi Fa Cai"


Kamoe said...

The boxes are so beautiful. I love my green keepscake-box as it keeps our Kimba close to us. It was a wonderful idea my friend and we are still thankful.

Trishastrove said...

Thanks Karin ... its fun and therapeutic doing these in between all the crazy "bizziness" of life ... its like you and your beautiful beadwork ;)

We have something in common Karin .... both Kimba and Sasha played the "best friend" role for us, and the sense of loss was devastating .... but then, came along little Kruemel and Miss Tania and I think you'll agree that they play a much different role for us ... "a new baby". The Lord has His own special way, and He chose well for us.