Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tania's 3rd Christmas

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Tania's 3rd Christmas by trishastrove
Tania's 3rd Christmas, a photo by trishastrove on Flickr.

Its a couple of hours to Countdown here in Singapore, but Tania wanted to share a little of her 3rd Christmas with you ...

A package arrived just at Christmas-time; looking at the message, it was obviously for The Princess

A little bit of pouting went on as she had to smile for the camera before she could have it ;-)
We told her what Santa said about "not pouting" ... ;)


So she put on some of her best smiles ....

Nowwwwwww .... ?????? !!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Now Mummy ..... I know its Xmas Eve ....

and I need to smell really nice this weekend, but I didn't I tell you about getting soap in my eyes ???
And by the way, don't think that I didnt see that silly red thing you're gonna put on my head I just know you're gonna embarass me with tomorrow .... hrrrmmmmmmmpphhh !~! MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone !!! Lots hugs and xoxoxo's TANIA (3 yrs. 7 mths. old)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


LUCY by trishastrove
LUCY, a photo by trishastrove on Flickr.

I had a request from a friend last weekend, to customize a necklace for someone she was visiting overseas. Described as a lady who is still young at heart, a tad flamboyant and who loves colour, I thought "vibrant" ! She asked for unique beads to be incorporated into this piece, so I turned to my stash of Karin's clay beads, and found exactly what I had in mind - gloriously colourful clay lentils with swirls of red, purple, burnt orange and yellow flowers, on a fiesty orange background ... so nice and vibrant !

To these I added Lavender Amethysty Coins, dark purple Amethyst nuggets, and a large freeform Amethyst stone in the centre, faceted Carnelian ovals in flaming shades of fun and spunk, little light yellow and amethyst rondelles dotted here and there, and a pretty petalled pewter flower for some whimsy/femininity.

At 38", it can be worn long or doubled-up in various ways. Versatile in that it'll look great with a LBD, spark up a jeans and open-collared white shirt, or bring you nicely into traditional glamour as in the photo above, on a bright lime green Peranakan Nonya Kebaya.

Friday, December 2, 2011


TAPESTRY by trishastrove
TAPESTRY, a photo by trishastrove on Flickr.

A very special piece for a very special friend.

Four sumptuous beautifully faceted soft yellow Lemon Topaz stones and a crystal-studded 14K Gold Vermeil Flower were the main feature of this piece when I first started on it; then all kinds of other things came to mind and I added more and more. Each and every golden element & cluster of precious stones, symbolizes something meaningful of the golden life, spirit and soul of a phenomenal girl to be encapsulated forever.